swimming, fully immersed in a foodie gene pool

     I was a foodie from the day I was born! Earliest recollections indicate that time spent together planting and growing, harvesting, cooking and preparing food are happy associations for me.
     Everything I know about cooking, I learned by reading massive amounts of books on every subject pertaining to food, as well as by watching as a child, my family's relationship with edible things.
     My maternal grandparents, who lived nearby, were my best teachers without even being aware of it. They were products of the Great Depression. They didn't waste anything and they shared their abundance with others. Both were very brave in the kitchen.
     Grandaddy grew organically and lived green before green was cool! His compost pile had the richest, blackest soil that could ever be found. Most of the vegetables we ate each night for dinner was grown by him... You can't get more local than that!
     My mom is a very good cook, but her brain, unlike mine, is wired in a very organized manner. She must have a recipe in front of her with quantities, measurements and specific ingredients already decided for her. My style of cooking sort-of resembles Edward Scissorhands giving a haircut.
     My dad was always well fed and content.  Many a possible suitor (including my future husband,) visiting my sister and I, or friends of my brothers, made a mental note about dinnertime at our house. It was not uncommon for us to have a few strays at our table on any given day.
     Planning life around the next meal is one of my mental illnesses, but it runs in the family...

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