marie's hummus

This is my lovely friend, Marie's recipe. It is the best hummus I've ever had, easy and economical as well!
1 can garbanzo beans (chickpeas,) drained, reserving liquid
1/3 of canning liquid
1 large clove garlic, peeled
juice of a large, fat lemon
salt and cayenne pepper to taste
1 1/2 Tblsp. tahini
olive oil
Drain garbanzos in colander set over a bowl or measuring pitcher. Measure out one third of liquid in the can and reserve. Place garlic clove in food processor and puree. Add chickpeas and 1/3 of the canning liquid. Process until finely crumbled. While machine is running, add lemon juice, salt and cayenne. Add tahini. Scrape down the bowl of food processor, making sure any large, grainy pieces of the garbanzos are pureed.
Taste, then add small amount of evoo (extra virgin olive oil.)  This will smooth out the texture of hummus. Add as much as needed until consistency is to your liking. You do not need a lot. A little more tahini can be added for smoothness, also.  The lemon juice makes the hummus taste very fresh! The cayenne will give it a tiny kick. If you require a bigger zing, add more. Use these ingredients sparingly and taste repeatedly!  You can always add more, but cannot remove it. 
     NOTE: I don't care for Walmart brand chickpeas... last time I bought them, I found them to be grainy and mealy. This means that it will be more difficult, or impossible to gain a smooth consistency in the end. Other brands seem to work well. If you can find a middle eastern brand, get it! I have used Bush's, Kroger and several organic brands with great success.
     Store bought hummus comes in several varieties. You can easily tailor your homemade hummus to your family's liking, just like the commercial brands do. Toasted pine nuts, chopped kalamata olives or diced, roasted red pepper are just a few favorite topping ideas. When serving a crowd, place toppings in small dishes surrounding the hummus for people to choose their own. Walmart carries whole grain, low-carb flatbread and pita in the deli... it is wonderful and healthy. Sam's Club has these pita chips that are baked. They work well for larger crowds.
     Spread flatbread or pita with hummus, add sliced carrots, tomatoes, olives, broccoli sprouts and lettuce. Roll up and enjoy your delicious veggie wrap! Slice onto smaller pieces for a healthy afternoon snack for you or the kids. This will chase away that slump we all feel around three p.m. and make your pre-dinner hours more productive.
thanks, marie!

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