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Dear Diary,
     Help! I just found out that 20 distant cousins on my mother’s side are in town and descending on my house for dinner. Who are these people? Were they raised by wolves? What happened to advanced notice? 
     All I can come up with is a fabulously yummy recipe that feeds a mere four people! I am numerically challenged and fractions are NOT my friends. What’s a girl to do?
     Definition: webfriends /web frenz/ n.,  helpful sites for the gastronomically challenged;)
     These websites are helpful for various reasons. Some will provide conversion charts to increase the size of your favorite recipe. Others will help you plan a backyard barbeque for Fathers’ Day. Locate a similar recipe to the one you already have or use one of the recipes from their vast selection. Type in the conversion amount and voila! You now have a recipe with the quantities you need. 
     It will tell you how go from ‘serves 4’ to feeding hundreds. Best of all, you are cool as a cucumber and dressed to impress… in the kitchen, of course! Tv show recipes plus theme dinners such as Dinner at the Beach, Thanksgiving, and Super Bowl Party menus. 
     By typing in one keyword, your computer screen will be flooded with ideas and recipes galore by your favorite celebrity chefs. : This website has recipes from Bon Apetit and Gourmet magazines, plus things seen on the TV show, Epicurious. : Aprons meals appear each week in the Publix ad., but are available online as well. This is encouraging to those merely existing, in a grocery wilderness without Publix supermarket in your area.
      Most of these recipes are fast and have few ingredients and feature items on sale for the week. Easy access and economical ideas make this website an invaluable resource.
      There are many more websites out there to choose from, so Google on, future chef, Google on.

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