breakfast, anytime or anywhere... even tiffany's!

     Do you know anyone who doesn’t love breakfast at night? Actually I do know of one person, but he’s just weird. A hearty, huge breakfast is among our favorite comfort foods. Breakfast for dinner every week or so can be fast and save some pennies at the same time. When planning your breakfast menu, think of breakfast like you would any other meal. An 'entree' item should be chosen like eggs Benedict, a frittata, quiche or scrambled eggs. One side item could be the starchy part of the meal such as, pancakes or french toast, muffins or banana bread, coffee cake or whole grain raisin toast with apple butter. Then meat, if you choose and maybe some fruit and breakfast is served!
     The great thing about breakfast is that everything is prepared quickly and ready at the same time. This gives everyone a chance to have a part in preparing something, no matter how small. Kids are great at telling you what to put in the eggs or waffles. Mine love chocolate chip waffles more than life itself. Even small children can slice fruit or butter the toast or set the table. CAUTION: If eating breakfast late, limit the sugar or bedtime may be even later than usual.
     By using some healthy ingredients, the fat factor can be cut down and the fiber raised. Waffles and pancakes, made with whole wheat flour are satisfying and delicious. They can be topped with fresh fruit instead of syrup or the fruit can be stirred into the batter. In our house, small dishes of assorted pancake ingredients are placed by the stove, ready to inspire beginning cooks to try new flavor combinations. Some great pancakes additions are: blueberries, blackberries, cooked apples and cinnamon, bananas, pecans, chocolate chips and peaches.
     When making eggs, be creative. A frittata is an omelet started on top of the stove, then finished in the oven. It takes a mere 10 or 15 minutes to make. Quiche and frittata fillings can be prepared ahead and assembled before mealtime. This is a good way to get rid of small amounts of leftovers too little to make another meal out of. You can slip in more nutrition by adding fresh spinach, broccoli or asparagus. Egg dishes can be very nutritious, but can also break the calorie bank by way of hidden fat. To reduce the fat you see in some recipes, substitute low fat or fat free canned, evaporated milk for heavy cream or half and half.
     Breakfast meats that are already cooked are a fast convenient way to go, but you, the frugal person that you are, can cook the bacon or sausage ahead in large batches and freeze it, separated by pieces of waxed paper, until needed. This saves time and money. If you are not a fan of the pig, let's talk turkey! Turkey bacon has come a long way since its debut and reduces the amount of fat you consume, compared to pork bacon. Even turkey sausage is found in grocery stores.
     Now, close your eyes and think of the MOST hectic day you have had. Wouldn't a day like that fade far into the distance as you inhale the aroma of sizzling onions and bacon frying? Picture a plate of French toast, made with a real day-old baguette, topped with fresh blackberries and drizzled with a little cream, accompanied by a cup of decafe' au lait! mmmm... Don't you feel better already?


  1. Oh Food Maven, you inspire me! Breakfast for dinner is one of our favorite things! I recently made fresh (I mean, really) scrambled eggs, topped with wilted spinach and Swiss cheese. You told me to be brave and I am. It was AMAZING!

  2. There is almost nothing better to me than an egg with spinach and swiss. I DO love to add mushrooms occasionally. Sounds scrumptious!