TOP TEN things you could do with a rotisserie chicken, while homeschooling

     I am sadly, a retired homeschool teacher. Both of my daughters have graduated from our school@hm and are attending college.
     Last year, as a graduating mom, I was asked to speak at one of our monthly support group meetings and give some tips to moms who are diligently teaching their children and trying to maintain households at the same time.
     One of my tongue in cheek tips was on all the things you can do with a lovely rotisserie chicken from the local market. I thought I would share these with you. They are fast and easy ideas designed to cut your time in the kitchen while keeping it fresh and healthy.
     Whether you homeschool your kids, work full-time, run a doggie day-care, are working on your tan, or just not a food person, a rotisserie chicken can be your new best friend! I am sure, Dear Reader, as smart as you are, you could come up with quite a few more ideas. Let me know your top ten!

No. 10:  Science: Teach kids the anatomy of a chicken
         9:  Fast dinner idea: Rotisserie chicken, a box of rice pilaf, steamed fresh or frozen veggies, jellied cranberry sauce and ice cream for dessert.
        8:  Pull meat off the bone, saving carcass for stockpot. Use meat for an infinite number of recipes calling for cooked chicken.
        7:  Liquid penicillin for an ailing student: homemade chicken soup and stock.
        6:  Make gravy from your homemade stock
        5:  Chicken enchiladas or nachos
        4:  Asian lettuce wraps, no measuring needed:  cooked chicken, hearts of palm, roasted red pepper, simmered in low sodium soy and a drop or two of sesame oil. Top chicken w/ fresh cilantro. Wrap in whole leaves of Bibb lettuce. Serve with slivered fresh carrot, crunchy rice noodles and pickled ginger.
        3:  Chicken casseroles, ad nauseum... everyone's got 'em!
        2:  Your favorite chicken salad

and the No. 1 thing you could do with a rotisserie chicken, while homeschooling is: Click on the link for the recipe, then put your feet up. Let your kids make Miss Vivian's chicken crescents for supper and call it math and home economics!

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