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homeschool mom: a field guide

     The other evening I ran into a woman I knew in a previous life... my homeschool mom life. I hadn't seen her in years, even though we both reside in the same town. She told me she returned to college to get her Masters' degree, hoping to keep her aging brain active and healthy. Now that I am no longer reading textbooks on a daily basis, that thought has crossed my mind more than once.     
     For the past few days, I have been attempting to learn more about all of the things associated with blogging, like fixing the computer when it freezes up, or what to do when I tell it to download a program and it politely declines.
     One of my sisters-in-law is a web designer. She talked me into purchasing several domain names that go along with my blog, but now that I own them, I can't remember what she told me to do next. I have tried to lure her to Georgia for a weekend of relaxation, (while secretly plotting a private lesson,) but she is busy taking care of my brother, moving to the country and shopping for chickens. I guess I'm on my own.
     A while back, I casually mentioned my blog to my technology-free sister. Me: "I started a blog during the summer." Her: "What does that mean?"  My husband, who is only interested in possible monetary gain, is not following me at all. It is so nice to have the support of your family. My eldest daughter is following via Twitter, which still confuses me. I'm not sure what she sees when she's reading what I wrote. All the symbols and limitations on post size do not encourage me to tweet.

lulu, our resident 'old dog'
     So, I continue to plug along, celebrating loudly when I figure something new out. See the picture behind the title? A mere forty five minutes... after I read the Housewife's post on picasa web albums. At the rate things are changing, I'd better get busy. I have a lot to learn!
The lesson here is, you can teach an old dog new tricks... I'm so proud!

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  1. Following your blog, Mrs. Frissora! Excellent work! Kayla informed the world of your blogging adventures.
    I'm determined to learn how to cook via your blog.
    If you'd like to learn about Spanish cultural differences during my time here, you should check out mine.