soup week blankets the world!

     Shortly after I declared it to be soup week here at nutritionista diaries, I noticed a post from The Church Cook's blog for a Leek and Potato soup recipe. If you would like to see The Church Cook's blog, go to: She is located right down the road from me in Savannah, Georgia and like me, spends much of her time feeding the faithful congregation of her church.

the housewife

     This morning, my friend, The Housewife, located in Tennessee, posted a recipe for Corn Tortilla soup. For a glimpse into her fascinating, but snarky world, go to:
     Both soups sound fabulous! And these blogs are two of my favorites. I am excited to have others participating in this tiny little event being celebrated mainly in my own little blog-world. And I am happy to have more recipes to try.
So many recipes, so little time!

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