harvest salad & turkey day soup

     In my previous post, moms' night out, I regaled you with highlights of our fabulous evening. Lest you think I have forgotten the reason you are tuning in... the actual recipes, let me assure you that I did not.
Harvest Salad with Bacon-Apple Vinaigrette
1 head Romaine lettuce, torn                                
1 bag, baby spinach leaves                                        
1 log goat cheese, sliced into rounds                          
1/2 cup dried cranberries                                           
3 granny smith apples, diced
crumbled bacon                                      
1/4 cup, candied pecans                                             
freshly ground black pepper                                       
for the dressing:
1 T. bacon drippings
2/3 c. salad oil
1 can frozen apple juice
1/2 c. apple cider vinegar
2/3 c. sugar
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. smoked paprika
1/4 t. pepper
Mix together vinegar, apple juice concentrate, and sugar in small mixing bowl. Whisk until sugar is dissolved. Add garlic, salt, paprika and pepper. Whisk in bacon drippings and oil. Toss romaine and spinach leaves. Place on salad plates. Arrange goat cheese on top of greens. Grind some black pepper over cheese slices. Add cranberries, apples and pecans. Serve dressing on the side. Use it very sparingly... a little goes a long way.
Turkey Day Soup
6 c. turkey stock, heated and divided in half
4 to 6 c. red skin potatoes, diced
1 stick unsalted butter
2 medium onions, diced
1/4 c. flour
1 1/2 c. turkey, cooked and chopped
salt and pepper
pinch of poultry seasoning
can of whole berry cranberry sauce
In medium saucepan, cook potatoes in 3 c. turkey stock until tender. Set aside undrained. Melt butter in deep stock pot. Saute onions until translucent. Sprinkle with flour and let brown a little. Slowly add the remaining hot turkey stock. Simmer 5 or 10 minutes until slightly thickened. Add potatoes with cooking liquid. Add meat, black pepper and pinch of poultry seasoning. Taste and season with salt. Simmer 15 minutes. Place soup in bowl, topping with a small scoop of whole berry cranberry sauce, just before serving.
     The idea to use the little disposable shot glasses as individual salad dressing cups came from a business lunch I attended with my husband last summer in Orlando. The hotel served us a huge salad and right in the center of the bowl was a slender little glass containing our dressing! Each cup is two ounces, so even the most ardent dressing-lover had plenty.

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  1. That dressing sounds delicious! The whole salad sounds great. I'll definitely have to try out the dressing!