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     I have a theory that baking equals math... and math is not my friend. I do have in my limited repertoire, a few fabulous desserts I have mastered, such as a flourless chocolate cake, apple crisp, peach cobbler, a great pecan pie and a decadent homemade brownie recipe.
     I can turn out a pretty good loaf of whole wheat bread, wheat dinner rolls in the shape of a knot and a crusty olive and rosemary baguette. Generally, when sharing the cooking duties with others, I volunteer for the savory part of the meal, leaving the sweet task of baking to the math people.
     When I am cooking, the scene in the kitchen often resembles Edward Scissorhands trimming his neighbor's hedge. Ingredients are flying everywhere, frenzied and chaotic. Sauces and gravies frequently find themselves in my hair. If you've ever seen my wild hairdo, you won't find this hard to imagine.
     I can throw in a couple of ingredients, stir, taste, correct and add something else to achieve the flavor I am looking for. With baking, the method must be precise, measured, calculated and often weighed. Did you get that? All math terms. Baking equals math!
     Thursday, I stopped at Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah to pick up some dessert to carry home to the fam. The wonderful owners, Griff and Cheryl Day were having lunch. We got on this very subject of baking and math! Being fabulous bakers, they laughed when I told them of my theory, agreeing that it could be true. They are currently working on a cookbook and relayed a little of their journey to my friend Gail and I. It is due to be published in 2012... I can't wait to see the finished product!
     We sampled a new cookie, the Mr. Nelson, named for Griff's grandaddy. Simple, delicious shortbread cookies with rich chocolate buttercream in between. I attempted to break the cookie in half, sending the chocolate cream squirting in all directions. I am currently addicted to the star brownie, but can be persuaded to try something new on occasion.
     I brought home the Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies for after dinner. They have a deep chocolate flavor combined with cinnamon and a hint of hot chili. Mmm! How is anyone supposed to make a decision in this place?
Cookbook or no, I am relieved that someone else is taking on the responsibilities of keeping us all in sugar heaven.
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