rainy days and mondays...

      It is raining outside... on a Monday. Lines of that old Carpenters' song are running through my head, but I'm not down, depressed or even remotely blue.
     This morning, I am cozy and warm, outfitted all in gray and matching the color of the winter sky. Heavy leggings, fur-lined muk-luks and my husband's big fleece pullover, my uniform of choice.
     I love rainy days and Mondays, especially if I get to stay home. It has been uncharacteristically frigid lately in the Coastal South. I have burned through my firewood pile earlier than usual.
      In the mood for making chicken stock, I trotted out to the freezer in the garage to dig for buried treasure. (As soon as it warms up, it has to be defrosted.) I knew I had a few carcasses in there, somewhere... I found six. Wow, it felt like winning the lottery!
     Armed with my Granddaddy's huge Farberware pot, I dumped in the frozen fowl, filled the pot with water and started throwing in stuff... carrots, onion, oops, no celery. Well, celery seeds will have to do. Fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage were hastily gathered outside during a brief break in the morning showers. A few whole peppercorns and a bit of Kosher salt added into the mix, with a couple of bay leaves.
     The remainder of a bottle of white wine and a slightly dried up apple joined the fray, as homage was paid to my friend the Housewife... and her version of homemade stock. (I can be flexible, really I can.) I am thinking about making her Tortellini Soup when I'm done. Mmmm, doesn't that sound good? Click here for a link to her recipe. The house smells amazing and I didn't venture farther than the freezer or herb garden.

Rainy days and Mondays never get me down!

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