its beginning to look alot like CHOCOLATE

     Last year, when a presidential candidate was touting change for America, my 18 year old daughter, Hannah craved change as well... to her room. She cleverly sent me an email with the campaign slogan, "Its Time for a Change," along with a picture from the Pottery Barn catalog.
      I can't say that I blame her since the previous decor was denim, hot pink floral and horses... a slightly juvenile equestrian theme. She is in her first year of college and lives at home, so I wanted to give her more of a dorm look minus the microwave and mini fridge.
     We started with a black iron daybed, found at a garage sale a few years ago and a french provincial chest that I used growing up... as you can see, we have a problem parting with things. I believe we discussed that in a previous post.
     We found some pillows at our local Homegoods store that set the tone for the room. Teal, lime green, marigold and chocolate brown floral. It was so her!
     Hannah's room has a Southern exposure, giving us the chance to do something dramatic... just like Hannah. The wall color we chose reminds me of my favorite Lindt chocolate bar... rich and dark.
     We began early in the morning with a thorough spring cleaning, then emptied the room of everything but the bed frame. HGTV would be so proud! By mid-afternoon, we were done. The cutting in is left for the man of the house.
      That evening, all the work was done, except a final coat of paint. The next day, it was finished. We moved her furniture back into place and heaved a sigh of satisfaction at a job well done.
     The room is beautiful. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do. We have retained the basics for now, but have plans to add curtains, make a little study area and tweak the floorplan a bit more.
     I found a peg rack fashioned from an old plank of wood and some antique metal doorknobs. It hangs right inside the door to catch the purse and keys. A pair of small retro lamps with orange shades mix up the style. Eclectic is my middle name. I take offense at matchy-matchy things.
In the life of this foodie, change is good... especially when it comes in the form of dark chocolate!

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