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     When we arrived in Savannah ten years ago, we began to patronize the sushi bar in Masado on the south side, then named Kyoto. We became attached to one particular sushi chef, named Mik... M-I-K, no 'E,' as he would say. Our dining relationship developed over the years and when he opened his own restaurant downtown, we were eager to see how he would fare.
     This past weekend, my husband and I ate at Ta Ca with our eldest daughter and a couple of mutual friends. The weather was rather warm for late February, so we sat outside, getting reacquainted with Mother Nature. Edamame and summer rolls were ordered for the table as appetizers. Both quickly disappeared as we perused the dinner menu.
     We chose five rolls to share between the three of us. Two were named Diablo roll... Mik is fond of hot things. Another, the TJ roll combined tempura shrimp, eel, avocado and a spicy sauce. The JJ roll had a unique spin, tuna, avocado, cream cheese and plum. We rounded out our selection with a Five Point roll: chopped tuna, yellow tail and a spicy top over a California roll.
     Each of the rolls we chose was delicious. All of the fish was firm and sweet while the vegetables crisp and fresh. The sauces were flavorful and spicy, but not too spicy to enjoy. Mik will cool down or kick up the heat to your liking. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. The company made our evening one to remember. And we all were comfortably satisfied without feeling stuffed.
     So, when you're in the mood for good food prepared with the freshest ingredients, give TaCa a whirl. If sushi isn't your fave, they also prepare several Vietnamese dishes. Next time I'm going to check them out.
     The best kept secret about the location is the parking lot! If you've ever been to downtown Savannah, you know what I mean! No need to search for a space. It is located on the corner of Price and Ogelthorpe in a little shopping center that also houses Screamin' Mimi's pizza place.

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