so very fond-of-ue

In honor of Saint Valentine's Day, here are two simple and lovely recipes for fondue.

     Nothin' says lovin' like something from the... fondue pot? Your valentines will be gathered around the table; chatting, laughing and dunking their food in cheese and chocolate. So, build a fire, put on some silly love songs and remember... no double dipping!

Cheese Fondue
Serves 4-6
2 c. shredded Gruyere cheese
2 c. shredded Swiss cheese
1 T. cornstarch
1 whole garlic clove, peeled
1/2 c. dry white wine (or 1/2 c. apple juice and 1 T. lemon juice)
Apple slices
Pear slices
French bread, cut into large cubes
Fresh broccoli and cauliflower florets, carrots, blanched veggies like sugar snap peas or green beans.
Toss Swiss and Gruyere with cornstarch to coat.  Slice garlic in half and rub inside of double boiler or heavy saucepan (or fondue pot,) then discard.
Pour wine into top of double boiler and place over simmering water.  Gradually add cheese and cornstarch mixture, stirring until cheeses are melted.  Remove from heat.  If you have a fondue pot, prepare directly in pot.
Serve warm with fruit, veggies and bread of your choice.

Chocolate Fondue
Makes 8 servings
6 oz. semi-sweet chocolate
½ c. half and half
½ t. vanilla extract
Assorted Fruit:
4 small bananas, sliced and peeled
2-3 small pears sliced and cored
1 pound strawberries and/or blackberries
1 frozen pound cake or angel food cake, cut into large cubes
large pretzel sticks
big marshmallows
In heavy saucepan or double boiler, heat chocolate and cream over low heat.  Stir frequently until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth, about 5 minutes.  Stir in vanilla, keep warm. Arrange assorted fruit and cake on serving dish.  Spoon chocolate into serving bowl or fondue pot and serve.
food maven loves you!

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