mushroom mania

     When I'm chatting with my brother, Stu, we usually get around to sharing recipes... imagine that! But I invariably forget his disdain for the edible fungus family and bring up a recipe containing mushrooms. Our conversation is quickly halted by his exclamation of disgust... oops, I forgot. Again.
     Stuart's strong dislike of mushrooms is shadowed only by my intense passion for them. I cannot get enough, much to the dismay of my kids. Mushroom risotto, stuffed mushrooms, mushroom ravioli, mushrooms in my salad, on my pizza... the list is endless.  I am drawn to all manor of mushrooms from recipes, dishes in restaurants to things in the grocery store. I need to try it, order it, have it!
     I usually have dried ones in my pantry and fresh ones in the fridge. One of my favorite recipes, containing mixed wild mushrooms, is the veggie lasagna I shared a few months back... click here to see it again. One pasta dish even combined my love of mushrooms with fresh sage leaves and Gorgonzola cheese. It nearly made me cry. I will share it with you soon, so get the tissues ready.
     My friend, Michelle, posted a recipe for tortellini soup, which I made and fell in love with. The original recipe called for mushroom tortellini, but not finding any, I made it with cheese. Still divine. Then last week I was trying to come up with something to go with some fresh mushroom agnolotti (ravioli) that had been languishing in my fridge's cheese drawer. Hmmm. I wonder...
     Being the brave soul that I am, I dropped them into the soup pot instead of the tortellini, hoping for the best. WOW! Now, I am hooked and doubt I will ever go back. The mushrooms in the original recipe really put it over the top. (In my humble, but accurate opinion, of course.) Fresh mushrooms, fresh spinach, and parm... what's NOT to love?

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