let's review: Leoci's Trattoria

     We went to Leoci's Trattoria to celebrate our anniversary. We sat outside on the large deck. The evening air was hovering between cool and humid, like a kid trying to decide between two flavors of gelato. One moment a breeze would pass by. The next, I was asking for the giant fan to be swung my way.
     The atmosphere was lovely. Groups of fellow diners talked softly to each other. Lights twinkled in the huge oak tree overhead. A young lady and a little boy played bocce ball in the yard as their party watched from the deck. I think I could live in the apartment upstairs. The smell of garlic alone would make it worthwhile.
     We spent quite a long time looking over the menu and had narrowed down our choices for dinner when our server, Beth came by with the list of specials. The decision making quickly ground to a halt. How in the world would a person choose? The regular menu was so descriptive...this was going to be harder than we thought. We ordered the Beef Carpaccio appetizer and a couple of glasses of red wine to stall for time.
     We finally settled on the Mushroom Lasagna for me and a pan seared fish, Corvina, for Chris. WE both loved what we chose. Our carpaccio appetizer was tender and delicious. The lemon and capers, plus a little added black pepper made the flavor of the beef burst in the mouth.
     My lasagna was very light and fresh, making the mushrooms the star of the dish. I liked that it was not heavy and over sauced. It had a tiny amount of pesto and a little bechemel. The mushrooms were locally grown at Flat Creek Lodge in Swainsboro, Georgia... just a few miles away. Chris' Corvina was crispy on the outside, but delicate on the inside. The orzo had a great flavor and the compote gave it a real complexity.
leoci's dining room (photo, fotoccini)
     We had a very nice evening punctuated by good food in a relaxed, upscale atmosphere. We would definitely go back. I noticed that they are open for lunch. I'm making a note to take my mom next time she's here. The dining room is small, so reservations are suggested. The outdoor deck, where we sat was wonderful. Half of it is covered by a large tent lined with tiny twinkle lights.
cannoli (photo, william torillo)

Here is what we had, followed by the price:
Mushroom Lasagna 18
Handmade lasagna noodles layered with wild local mushrooms, bechemel and basil pesto.
Beef Carpaccio 10
Thinly sliced beef, crispy capers, lemon dressing
Corvina 26
Pan Seared Corvina accompanied by Cherry Tomato and Asparagus Orzo topped with Fig and Golden Raisin Compote with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Drizzle

Cannoli 6
Filled with sweet ricotta cream and chocolate shavings

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  1. You are killing me. I'm making frozen enchiladas for dinner. Now all I can think of is mushroom lasagna.

  2. do you live in a seven-11? have you learned NOTHING in nine months? you really should have a well-stocked pantry by now and be able to pull together something WAY better than frozen enchiladas.i realize that i may have failed. i have to rethink this whole blog thing... i may as well be talking to my three dogs. what will become of me??