margaret's wreath redux

      Many moons ago, my friend Margaret had a garage sale. One of the items I brought home was a lovely wreath, decorated in sort of an English style, grapevines combined with fruit and flowers. That was a long, long time ago in Memphis. It has seen much better days. I think it is time for a little facelift... showing the wreath some love.
     Even though we reside in a humid, southern climate, seasonal decorating is paramount. In very last days of summer, preparing for fall, a rustic vine wreath wrapped in bittersweet branches replaces the summer floral. During the holidays, a fluffy pine wreath stuffed with red oak leaf hydrangeas is hung. Sometimes a starfish or two are tucked into the seasonal branches... a nod to our coastal proximity.
     I removed all of the old, faded flowers. Some of the fruit had melted in the hot attic. I bought a couple of red tulips and a pale yellow peony with a bud attached. A few fresh leaves and some blackberries with tiny white flowers were thrown into the mix.
I couldn't bear to part with the little faded bird. I left him perched in his nest until I find a suitable replacement.
I pulled some wild grapevine out of the woods at the edge of our yard and added it along with a bit of vintage ribbon for an untamed look.
     Here is my spring and summer wreath, fresh from the wreath doctor... I love the contrast of rustic grapevine paired with elegant, ruffle-y flowers.

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