summer blues... and greens

     When I was downtown for our Mama Mia sleepover, I saw these in One Fish, Two Fish on the corner of Whitaker and Jones... I want them. Or something LIKE them.
     I'm thinking it is time for  summer project... after or in between finishing my garden project. Oh, well. I can multi-task.
     I have an old buffet in my dining room. It secretly wants to be turquoise. I just know it does...
     Directly across Whitaker, they have another store... appropriately called The Annex. I saw this dresser and the pillows there.
      Kayla has an old dresser in her room. It is much more chubby and ornate than this one. I think it would look great in gray.
Someday, maybe I'll be the sort who has white, slip-covered furniture... that is always clean. Well, I can dream.


  1. Love your blog! I like the colors of the furnature. I don't think white couches are ever going to be anything I could have in my home.

  2. you're probably right, jen. i don't think i'm a whites person, either. i am contemplating putting outdoor fabric on one of my loveseats... it is the favorite spot of my three dogs. i hear using sunbrella inside is a trend right now:)