down... but not out

Did you even notice my absence?
    This past four days was rough for a food fanatic like me. I was struck down by a vicious stomach bug. I was even forced to pass off the meal preparations for our church's Deacon Retreat to my trusted friend and able-bodied assistant, Bob... Yay, Bob! You were a life-saver!
     Two days of nothing but sips of lime green Gatorade, followed by a day of more Gatorade, a few spoonfuls of rice, a little broth. I won't freak you out by sharing other details...
     Feeling slightly better, I attempted to eat something on Sunday evening. Three bites of a hamburger made with grass-fed beef... that was all I could manage. And more Gatorade.
     Monday morning, I nibbled at some raisin toast and drank a cup of heavenly Savannah Grey tea, from the Tea Room. Today, I had my usual whole wheat English muffin with red plum jam and a cup of espresso... maybe a little too soon:(
     I really think that those who endure this type of torture should be rewarded for their suffering... maybe by losing fifteen pounds. Or something... anything!
      I am still finding my way back to my formerly food-obsessed self. It may take awhile.
 I have begun to rethink my dream of being on Survivor.

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