flora vs. fauna

 ... and fauna is currently winning:(
    I desperately want to plant a garden. If you've read my earlier post about my grandfather, then you will assume that the 'green' genes are in there somewhere. Okay, I know that was really corny;)
     My herb garden is always thriving. You probably noticed the abundance of lemon thyme in recent recipes. Attempts at growing tomatoes have been abysmal. To top it all off, the bugs around here closely resemble the ones mentioned in the Biblical plagues of Ancient Egypt.
     Several types of biting flies and vicious sandgnats are intimidating me, but after living here for ten years, I'm becoming slightly used to them. So, it is with spade in hand that I optimistically set forth to conquer the land! I have decided to brave the bugginess of the great outdoors.
     I bought the square foot gardening book and an organic gardening book, organized by season.
I have spent countless hours studying the best possible place for a garden. Lots of sun, no shade. Then I set about marking off the area.
     Next, I took quite a bit of time convincing my husband to help... like building the raised bed boxes and finding the ingredients for a perfect soil mix. He isn't at all excited... especially when I mentioned fencing the entire thing. But there is reasoning behind my reason... a method to my madness.
      We live on an acre and three quarters of land. There are deer. Lots and lots of deer. They have already eaten all of the little baby peaches on my poor, little Charlie Brown peach tree. I have caught them nibbling at the tart, green pears.
     We have squirrels. And we have cute little, fluffy bunnies... Quite a few have been chased away by Annie and Sophie. I'm sure the bunnies are distantly related to that mischievous Peter Rabbit. They must have heard about my plan for carrots and lettuces.
 Henry and Little Kitty are pretending not to notice the four new litter boxes in the yard...
Stay tuned... I'm not giving up so easily. I watch Survivor. Their motto is: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

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