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     After her particularly stressful doctor's visit, I took my mother-in-law to The Tea Room for the first time. One of my favorite Savannah spots, it is located downtown on Broughton Street.  
     Lita, as my girls call her, has recently moved to the Savannah area from Florida. My daughter Hannah, who had never been to this particular tea room, accompanied us.
     As we entered the lobby area, I spotted a few of my homeschool mom friends. It was such a delight to see them. Since my youngest child is now in college, my time with these ladies has been few and far between. They asked if my visit would appear in the critic's corner... but of course;)
     We were escorted to the library... it is cozy anytime, but never more so than in cold winter months. The centerpiece of the room is a lovely fireplace flanked by a pair of wing chairs. It looks like it could be a friend's parlor, and you never want to leave.
     The lunch tea is served with your own personal pot of tea. My mother-in-law couldn't get over that fact... she thought we three had to agree on one flavor. Heaven forbid... a tea selection is very personal!
     I chose the Savannah Grey: A superior China black tea with long silvery tips. Bergamot (a Mediterranean citrus) and lavender are added to this beautiful tea for optimum taste. Cornflower and safflower petals are added to enhance your visual pleasure. It was heavenly!
     Hannah chose Vanilla Jasmine: This aromatic and complex special evening tea results from marrying green and black tea with fine jasmine petals, vanilla extract, and spices.
     Lita chose the Valentine Tea: Strawberries, red raspberries, red currants, cinnamon, cloves & cornflower petals are added to a blend of two Indian teas.
      A cup of the soup du jour arrived just after the tea was poured. It was creamy, chilled cucumber. I was a little skeptical about the offering, but gave it a try anyway. Yum... I've changed my mind about chilled cucumber. It was cool and flavorful... great for a hot, summer day. I really need to learn how to make it!
      My lunch recommendation to people who have never visited the Tea Room is the Chicken Salad Sandwich. You really can't go wrong with this selection. The chicken has been gently poached in lapsang-souchong tea, which gives it a distinctive smoky flavor. It is served with a mixed green salad. That's what Hannah and Lita ordered. They gobbled up every tasty morsel!
      I nearly ordered it myself, until I spotted the Tuna Tartare at the bottom of the menu. Hmm, this is new to me! It's a little round of chopped ahi tuna on a bed of spinach. A salad of jicama, red onion and grape tomatoes sat on the side and three large crostini.
     David, our knowledgeable and attentive server did not recommend the balsamic reduction that comes on this dish. I asked if it could be served on the side. I was grateful for his expertise and after tasting it, glad I heeded his warning.
     The tuna was light and delicate. It would have been overpowered by the balsamic. I squeezed the lemon slices over it instead... perfect! I drizzled a tiny bit of dressing over the spinach greens... very flavorful! The jicama was crunchy and grape tomatoes, sweet and ripe.
     I may have a new favorite dish. I at least need to go back while they still have the tuna. The menu is ever-changing and very creative. I have never had anything I didn't love.
     We enjoyed sweets after lunch. Almond cake, shortbread, a miniature scone with Devonshire cream and jam. I was full, but not stuffed. The tuna was a perfect sized lunch. With the addition of a pot and a half of Savannah Grey tea, soup, salad and dessert, who could ask for more?
 Well, maybe a little nap in one of those large wing chairs... just wake me in thirty.
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