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     Have you ever admired drapery fabric in a decorating magazine, only to find that the cost per yard is in the neighborhood of your monthly mortgage payment? I too am a victim of drapery envy. I found a photo of a living room in the now defunct Cottage Living. It called out to me...
cottage living: toile drapes
     It was similar to the sitting area in my dining room. Even though the walls were a different color, and it was a living room, the designer had brought the picture in my mind's eye to reality! There was a ticking striped sofa in brown and cream (I'm still working on that part.) Bamboo shades flanked by long, brown and cream toile panels covered the windows. I searched the resources page to find the fabric pattern and name. Whew! Designer fabric can be pricey.
     One day, while shopping, I spotted a tablecloth of similar fabric on the clearance aisle. I brought it home and threw it on the table to get a look at it. It looked dull, boring and almost sad.
     I then remembered the magazine article! With the help of some push pens, I tacked it up to see what it looked like as a curtain. It looked marvelous!!! I raced back to the store to grab the other one. 
 I liberated them from a life of horizontal, food stained suffering. Just look how happy they are! 
     Since the window is flanked by two large built-in bookcases I couldn't attach drapery hardware. I went to Walmart and bought a shower tension rod in bronze. I already had matching oversized rings.
     Two dark stained, bamboo shades were found in the clearance bin at Home Depot. They were either getting rid of that size or color. Instead of purchasing one large one, we now have two smaller ones that raise and lower independently of each other and weigh less as well.
Total cost for a fabulous look: $43.00 
     I did something similar in my bathroom. I got the decorating idea from my friend, Chelsea... a deep, olive green bathroom with black and white toile accents. The look would be perfect for my guest bath.
      I looked around for a toile shower curtain. Being skeptical of using a real curtain that need to be dry cleaned, I searched for something washable. I eventually found an appropriately sized tablecloth. It only needed shortening and holes for the rings. My mom did the alterations for me. 
     Both sheets and tablecloths are great for projects needing wide width. I found a pair of king-sized, sateen, designer sheets for three dollars each at a mill store, sewed them up on three sides, like a giant pillowcase and made a duvet cover for the guest bed. I especially like the fact that there are no seams or fabric repeats to match and the entire thing can be thrown into the washer.
     So, when you are out and about, keep your eye on things that can be repurposed... used for something other than their original intended job. You will end up with both extra money and fabulous design!

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  1. Oh, boy, Susan. I need so much help in decorating area! This is very helpful, thank you!