urbanspoon rocks!

brunch at soho south
     My friends and fam are getting tired of me photographing food everywhere we go. People who don't know me very well think it strange that I ask to shoot their dish before they dive in. I'm always very polite about it!
the food maven Savannah restaurants
Maybe complete strangers will appreciate my efforts...
      I am trying to link the restaurant reviews on my blog to urbanspoon.com. I am so very tech-challenged though that it has become, well, a challenge! Imagine that! When and if I succeed, anyone who logs onto the website will be able to see it.
miss hannah at back in the day bakery
     I got an email from urbanspoon, asking me to mention them in a post, in order to verify that I am indeed the food maven. Maven, indeed... snort.
decadent blue cheese fries at crystal beer parlor
     Their website is handy for finding wonderful places to eat anywhere in the country... also in the UK and Canada. If you've never looked them up, try it:)
     You'll find reader reviews, blog reviews, address and phone number, prices, menus and maps. I've used this site in many cities and towns throughout the USA.
     I was in Orlando last week and received a tip on a great ceviche place. Armed with only a name, I checked it out on urbanspoon, finding everything I needed to know.
creme brulee at lulu's chocolate bar

If you're a foodie and a bit of a fanatic like me, they might just be your new best friend!

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