its farmers' market day!

     Are you ready to party? If your answer is a hale and hearty, YES, then get yourself down to the Richmond Hill Farmers' Market this afternoon between four and eight.
     It really is like a big, ole block party... but with produce! You will hear live music playing. Kids play on the playground. Old friends get reacquainted and fellow foodies take photographs of everything.
     I have been known to whine about certain negative things pertaining to life in a small town, but the farmers' market's debut last week sharply tipped the scales toward the positive. I ran into friends from church, saw a former neighbor and visited with growers.
     While conversing with the Honey Man, I found out that the coveted little honey bear on my kitchen counter, given to me by my daughter, came from his bees. It contains his super sweet Tupelo honey. The clover honey he sells is on my shopping list.
     One thing I will do differently today... make a beeline to the Glennville tomato stand. Last week, they nearly ran out while I was gabbing.

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