lazing on a thursday afternoon...

     Summertime is lazy-time. It's around four in the afternoon. Or four-thirty... I'm not wearing a watch. I'm drinking a tall, frosty glass of Pioneer Woman's creamy, iced coffee. And, enjoying a cranberry orange scone with it.
     Sitting under the protective roof of our cozy back porch, I listen to the rumbling overhead in the dark, gray sky. The air feels thick enough to gather in my arms. My bare feet are up... the large wooden coffee table is really more of an ottoman.    
     A few deer mosey silently through the wetland area on the side of our property. My three attack dachshunds race to the sidelines... and not for the purpose of cheering them on. The deer pause, blink a few times, then meander farther into the woods, nibbling as they go.
     Two tiny hummingbirds, nearly invisible, chirp at one another as they flit in and out of the monster Lantana that has taken over one end of a large flower bed. A rabbit crouches under the hammock in the shade. He is on the other side of the yard, unseen by the dogs.
     Earlier, I cleaned out the refrigerator and a junk drawer, organized my personal file box, filed old check stubs and discarded a few remnants of homeschooling life. I soon will have to contemplate an evening meal... Boo:(
     Whenever I get around to it, dinner is to be something cold. A sandwich or salad, perhaps. It is entirely too hot to have anything warm and heating up a kitchen appliance is out of the question. It makes me a bit sweaty to even think of it.
     For now, though, Nature beckons me to sit quietly and marvel at the handiwork of our Creator. Magnificent. Amazing. Glory...
Who among the gods is like You, LORD?
Who is like You— majestic in Holiness,
awesome in Glory, working wonders?
Exodus 15:11, NIV
Everything else can wait.

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