let's review: carrabba's... savannah and beyond

I usually don't gush over a chain... well, yes I do.
     I love Carrabba's. We've long ago established my love of many Italian things: food, wine, men... (namely my husband. hee hee.) This chain restaurant is just one more.
     No matter where I am, near or far, I can usually find a Carrabba's Italian Grill. This can be comforting when you are traveling and haven't yet discovered the local hangouts.
     For the most part, Carrabba's is consistent. At some Italian places, the discerning palate can tell that the food is prepared elsewhere, shipped to each franchise, then recooked... not freshly made. So far, this has not been the case with Carrabba's. I am hoping that with recent corporate restructuring, this long running consistency will be retained. For a look at the restaurant's history, click here.
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     The specials menu changes frequently for regulars and adventurous eaters. The standard fare is reliably good for people who need the edible security found in familiar dishes. Each item is prepared to order, many on a wood-fired grill.
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     Our family frequents the Savannah Carrabba's like some people flock to their favorite local diner. It is our hangout. The management and staff go out of their way to make each meal a personal experience. It is sort-of like going to your Italian nonna's for supper.
     We meet there for weeknight family dinners, birthdays and anniversaries. We even invaded with a huge crowd of friends and family after our daughter's high school graduation ceremony.
     It is great for a late lunch... wood-fired pizza and a salad. But, the atmosphere is cozy enough for romantic date night... Steak Carrabba, garlic mashed, veggies, salad and of course, tiramisu accompanied by espresso.
     So, next time you're in the mood for something Italian, something grilled or something delicious... find your local Carrabba's and pop on in. You'll be glad you did!
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  1. I'll never forget what you said to me once.
    "Carrabbas is what Macaroni Grill wants to be when it grows up." I always think of that when we eat at either place. :)

  2. hahaha... i forgot about that comment. it is still true. thanks for reminding me;)