let's review: vinnie van go-go's

     As I was eating pizza downtown with my husband on Fourth of July evening, I realized I have never written a review about Vinnie's. Why would I? Everyone knows that Vinnie's is the best... don't they? Urbanspoon rates them number one in Savannah...
      I have been too many times to number. I've taken visiting friends and relatives there. I have recommended it to numerous newbies. As you can see, I have photographed a variety of pizza slices...
     Then I thought about all of the poor, uninformed tourists or first-timers that visit the Hostess City. What if no one has told them? Oh, my goodness... they could miss a visit to Vinnie's altogether! It is my civic duty to make sure that does not ever happen. So, here it is:
     Make sure you visit Vinnie Van Go-Go's while in Savannah. If you don't, you'll be missing out on the BEST pizza south of New York City!
     And Vinnie's has more than pizza! Who knew? Well, everybody... They have fat, crusty calzones, filled with ricotta, mozzarella, garlic and herbs. You choose other stuff to go inside with all that.
     They have a spinach and feta salad that is fabulous! It is a generous heap of fresh spinach leaves topped with roma tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh mushrooms, black olives, red onion and banana peppers with vinaigrette and parmesan breadsticks on the side.
     Vinnie's can't be beat. They are reasonably priced, the food is consistently great and as long as you follow their rules and relax... you'll have a lovely meal.
     If you're grouchy and in a hurry, stay home or go to Burger King. Don't hurry, don't worry. Eat pizza;) Hey, that would be a good slogan. I'll have to mention it next time I'm there.
And above all else, remember to bring CASH... that's all they take.
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  1. WAIT A MINUTE! Susan, are you in Savannah and I did not know it? We need to meet!! Love Vinnies!

  2. sort of, kay... i am in richmond hill. and like you, i am a church cook! that is why i am so fond of your blog.

  3. I was burned on the cash thing long ago and remember trekking to an ATM to get my party released from indentured dishwashing.