pioneer woman's iced coffee

photo by bill nygard
     Don't you just love Pioneer Woman? I've decided that she and I could be friends. If I wasn't previously convinced by the lovely food photos, stories of life on a ranch and homeschooling posts on her website, her claim to have perfected Iced Coffee has put me over the edge.
     I love coffee. I really love espresso. I abhor the wimpy, see-through brown liquid some people consider to be coffee. My girls share this passion, but love sweet drinks... hence their penchant for Frappucinos, Iced Americanos and Iced Mochas from expensive coffee houses.
     My tastes are much simpler. I don't do sugar. I love a little macchiato in the morning. Some evenings, I have an espresso with a twist of lemon peel after dinner.
     I love iced coffee when the weather is warm. And I agree completely with Mrs. Drummond about the watered down swill (my word, not hers) some places serve and get away with charging money for.
     I am making her iced coffee concentrate now, as I blog. She posted it on her website. I spotted it while checking to see if I had won a shiny new red mixer and spotted the post. No, I didn't win the mixer. boo:(
     I don't have an eight quart square thing like Pioneer Woman. Mine is only six quarts, so I am starting with half of her recipe for now. Eight ounces of ground, dark-roasted goodness is soaking in four quarts of water.
     It is resting comfortably in the corner of my kitchen... becoming stronger and stronger as we chat. Ooooo, how exciting! I'll let you know how it comes out. I'm hoping for the best... to save the kids some $ moola $... on moo-lattes. Hahaha.
 Here is a link to Ree's recipe... you know what to do;)


  1. okay, i'm conceding...the pioneer woman is queen! she is right about the sweetened condensed milk being FABULOUS!
    i don't drink much in the way of sweet cold beverages, but i do like a little sugar in my iced coffee.
    it kind of saves a step. i added a little in lieu of sugar and milk.
    i did NOT however use three tablespoons, like she did. one is good. or maybe one and a half;)

  2. Sipping on my first (of what I'm sure will be many) iced coffee! Thank you Food Maven! :)