during my unfortunate incarceration...

     One of my favorite television shows of the late eighties was Designing Women. My favorite frequently repeated line from the show was Anthony beginning a sentence or explanation with, During my unfortunate incarceration...
the food maven, july 2011
     Well, the month of July has been my period of incarceration, so to speak. My little homestead has been an assisted living facility for my eighty-four year old mother-in-law, Lita. She had surgery at the end of June and is resting very comfortably at my house... to this day.
the fam with lita
     I am her nurse, her maid and her cook. The day she came home from the hospital, she asked for a bell.... to ring for me. In case I was urgently needed. Thank goodness I don't own one.
     I have considered adopting Anthony's line when people ask me where I've been for a month. But, that might seem mean. and ugly. and very un-Christ-like.
     I have to mentally remind myself that we will all be in need of assistance one day. And we will want it to be given with a little mercy and a lot of grace.
     Today, as I was looking at the stats on the blog, I realized something. I have written more in this month alone than I have in any month prior.
     Wow, see what you can accomplish when you stay home? I used to have a stay-at-home life. Gee, I miss those days. So, for the month of July, during my fortunate incarceration, I returned to a simpler daily routine.
     Rise early, feed dogs, feed myself. Quiet time, read the morning news. Plan dinner, do a little housework, write a blog post. Cook dinner.
     Read a book, lunch for Lita. Plan for the fall season of church kitchen meals. Answer emails. Write a restaurant review. Mull over the possibility of a negative review.
     Write a blog post. Plan special events menus. Throw away mountains of paper. Go to the local farmers' market. Make an amazing meal. Photograph said meal;)
    I will be celebrating my one year blog-iversay very soon. What a nice way to ring in the second year! With a writing stable full of posts... chomping at the bit, waiting for the gate to open so they can race around the blogosphere. This will come in handy when my crazy schedule resumes in September.
     Hopefully, this bit of silliness will encourage you, Dear Reader, to be a glass-half-full kind of gal... or guy. If you try very hard, you can usually put a positive spin on lots of stuff... even an incarceration.

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