Rhizopus stolonifer... bread mold

modern art? beautiful!... this one's named rhizopus stolonifer
     The Housewife wanted to know why darker breads last longer than white bread. I'm always eager to do research on food. And shoes, but that's another post.
     My first question to my dear friend, who I thought I had had a positive influence on would be: Why is there even white bread nearby to observe?
     I went to ask.com for an answer. I was not really surprised to see the results of several science projects... my kids were homeschooled. We did quite a few experiments over the years.
     Homeschoolers are very creative. Some of their research included homemade bread from freshly ground, whole wheat. Here is a link to a science project from two young men in Canada: Nick and Lachie's Experiment.
     They found that sourdough bread lasted for nearly a month. Personally, I don't think I would have to worry about that around here! Sourdough is one of our faves.
     Bakers they spoke to reported that the greater the yeast and sugar content in the dough, the faster the product will mold.
     Scientists who exist solely to research bread mold (yes, really!) say the denser the bread, the slower the molding process. So the more common brands of white bread might start to mold a little faster than some dense whole-grain breads—but maybe not.
     It’s really the preservatives that count most. The bread made with freshly ground whole wheat, which still retains the vitamin-E rich germ was the first to go.
      I found one researcher from science world blog studying the effects of cinnamon enzymes with regards to prolonging shelf life. I'm thinking he needs to get out more;)
     Okay, Housewife... hope this answers some of your questions. The ones on bread mold, at least.


  1. Thank you! You are, as always, so efficient, but my question only referred to the "lighter" vs. "darker" breads. You'll be glad to know that no, there isn't any white bread here...Silly. :)

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  3. How long time does it usually take before the mold can appear on bread and other food ??? Do you know if its dangerous if we eat a bread slice or 2 ?? (and then notice there is mold on it)

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