it's apple season!!!

     Much to my disappointment, my mom is forgoing her usual pilgimage to the mountains this year. She and three of her cousins usually go to Lake Lure, North Carolina the third week of October. It is considered the peak week for Fall foliage.
     She consistently returns home with a car trunk laden with the most wonderful apples. They are fresh from the orchard, crisp and sweet.
     The varieties are numerous... Braeburn, Fugi, Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Rome, and my personal fave, Mutsu, an early, yellow apple perfect for eating.
     I have begun dreaming of the things I love to make with apples. Apple crisp is at the top of my family's list. Then there are muffins, pies, apple crisp, fresh apple walnut cake, and more apple crisp.
     When speaking to her (in Florida,) by phone yesterday, I lamented on the prospect of an autumn without fresh apples. We came up with a plan to persuade my cousin, who lives in the Georgia mountains to pick us up some. Now, my only problem is figuring out how to get them to MY house.
Do we plan our life around seasonal produce? You BET we do!

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