let's review: so many fritters, so little time

     At the end of September, we traveled to the Keys for a week with my sis and her hubby. Their son, a friend and Steve's parents joined us for a couple of days. Whether it was a party of four or eight, everywhere we ate, or snacked, or even slowed down near... if they had conch on the menu, my brother in law ordered it.
     My favorite fritters (of the entire week,) were from a tiny seafood market in Marathon named King Seafood. They don't even have a website or Facebook page... gee whiz. Talk about primitive!
     Sharon and I stumbled upon it while looking for some fresh fish to grill for dinner. We thought it was merely a market. Upon exiting the car, the aroma of garlic and spices filled the surrounding air... We knew we were in for a treat!
     King Seafood is run by a Cuban family who does everything from fishing to prepping to cooking the seafood. The prices were surprisingly low, so we ordered an array of menu items to carry home to our hungry lobster-hunters.
     I love trying a little taste of many things to get a feel for a place. We bought fish croquettes, conch fritters, conch ceviche, crab cakes, plantain tostones, and a huge yellowtail sandwich with the tail still on the fish.
     As we shared all of our goodies, we agreed that the fritters were the winners of the day. We didn't love was the prepackaged Ken's tartar sauce. I added some sriracha chili sauce and fresh lime juice to kick it up a bit.
     When in Key West, the Conch Shack, right on Duval Street is my pick. The fritters were crispy and had a nice amount of heat.
     The key lime remoulade was a great idea, but needed a bit more limey-ness... maybe a little zest would do the trick... Did you hear that, Conch Shack?
     They make something similar to a pancake batter filled with conch and other yummy stuff. The guy scooped them out of a tub straight into the fryer basket. You can watch them being made while you sip on a tropical smoothie or cold beer.
     We also ate fritters at Sunset Grille. They were more like a hush puppy, with a cornmeal texture but filled with meaty conch. Yum! Who knew there would be so many styles and so many sauces?
If we had another week I'll bet we could sample a few more...

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