wedding mania around here

     Most of us have been to at least one wedding. I have been to four this year, so far and have three to go. At our house, 2011 is also known as the year of weddings.
     I just love how these young brides plan and shape their individual wedding to reflect their personality. Every one of them has been so unique.
     I'm giving a little wedding shout out to the MOB, my friend and fellow blogger, The Housewife. She has been chatting for months about the plans for Brittany's wedding. You can read the backstory on her page.
     Brittany's wedding was simple and elegant, held in a cozy chapel. Her reception was in a sleek, contemporary place owned by an Opera company. It was the party of a lifetime.
     Memory in the Making... title of the couple's favorite song by Eddie L. Smith of Memphis was the resounding theme of the evening. The father of the bride secretly planned a surprise for the happy couple by inviting Mr. Smith to sing his song for their first dance. This live performance made for a speechless groom and ecstatic bride... The General did good:)
     The reception food was right up my alley even though a few of my meat and potatoes friends didn't quite get it. It had many of the things I love... freshness, healthy choices, bright colors and edible creativity. She employed a really innovative caterer. He and I could be great friends.
     There was a palm tree made out of pineapples, covered with various shish-kabobs. My fave was the goat cheese balls and roasted cherry tomatoes.
     Shot glasses of three types of soup (avocado-black bean, jambalaya and tomato bisque,) ringed the base of the tree.
     Tuna ceviche on endive leaves and cali rolls filled the center of another table. A third spot was piled high with brie and fruit, whole baby carrots with hummus and grilled asparagus.
     The wedding cake was a cheesecake. I know! Fabulous, right? Oh, and the groom's cake was praline... need I say more?
     My only complaint is about the event is their lighting package... hot pink! I am photographically challenged as it is and my photos of the food were cast in unappetizing shades of pink and orange. ugh:(
     These fabulous pictures are by a professional... Becca Yager Photography. Her band of talented and tireless photographers did an amazing job!
     The photo booth complete with props was a hoot. The parents of the bride choose a humorous approach... the groom is a police officer.
Memory in the Making...
so. much. fun.

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