700 kitchen cooking demo

     Saturday afternoon. Husband gone. Both girls working. What's an unoccupied foodie to do? Well, find a free cooking demo, of course!
     Two o'clock in the afternoon found me sitting with around fifty new-found friends in a cooking demonstration at Macy's Department Store in Savannah. Our instructor for the day was none other than Chef Darin Sehnert, head of the 700 Kitchen cooking school at The Mansion.
     I arrived early to get a good seat. I'm in the brown jacket, magenta scarf and glasses... Notice I chose not to wear the paper chef hats they passed out;)
     I did learn quite a bit... Like the proper way to buy and use a knife, a better way to slice or dice an onion and the difference between an herb and a spice. Some of that stuff I already knew, but it was fun to see a professional in action.
     We were all inspired to dig out our old pressure cookers and dust them off. Chef Darin made chicken cacciatore in only TEN minutes. Yes, really! He served it over polenta and it was delicious.
     I know I still have my old pressure cooker somewhere. (Digging through closet under stairs.) It was a wedding present. Twenty seven and a half years ago. (Help, I'm lost in the Closet of Misfit Appliances. Wait, is this Narnia?)
     So, while I continue my hunt, I'm giving you a link (here) to Chef Darin's blog post about the event... and a recipe for a fabulous Cranberry Upside-down Cake he made for us. I'll post other recipes later... after I finish having tea with the faun.


  1. Susan,
    Thanks for making the effort to come out and see my presentation on Saturday! I'm glad to hear you found it enjoyable and useful.

    Even more so, thanks for sharing your experience with your readers.


  2. Oh, Susan! I wish I had known! Would have loved to meet Chef Darin and learn from him! Sounds like you had a great time!