countdown day three... the thanksgiving meltdown :(

     I'm pulling out my antique brown transferware to set the Thanksgiving table.
     My original post, designed to regale you with stories of a lovely tablescape never quite materialized. I'm going to be real with you... seeing that we have become so close and all. Today, I had a Thanksgiving meltdown. A real doozy. 
     It was a result of being the sole Thanksgiving visionary in this household. I can't seem to sell these other people on adopting my carefully thought out plan. They all seem to have plans of their own.
     I went as far as packing an overnight bag and placing it in the back seat of my car. Are you shocked? Disillusioned? Well, let's all be honest, now. We've all been there. Maybe not on a major holiday, the night before your mother-in-law is to arrive, but somewhere, sometime, we've all had a meltdown of one type or other. 
     That was earlier. It was still light out. I hadn't eaten dinner. My spur of the moment plan was to drive to Florida to spend the rest of the week with my mom. I'm still here, though, faithfully writing my post for countdown day three.
     During the meltdown, I briefly abandoned my plans for a fabulous day of being thankful. I questioned my reason for being saddled with less enlightened humans. 
     I later remembered our founding fathers, the brave soldiers through the years and all they endured for our freedoms. I also remembered our Heavenly Father, sending His Son to die, just for me... and for you. Boy, everything else really pales in comparison. Happy THANKSgiving;)
     Oh, I AM running away first thing in the morning. (I'm going to the salon for a haircut.) I'm going to ask them to wash that spat right outta my hair;)

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