countdown to turkey day: sunday, day one

      It's almost here!! Four days until my favorite holiday... Thanksgiving Day. Let the countdown begin.
     Today, I am taking this year's sixteen and a half pound turkey out of the freezer and placing him in the fridge. YAY:)
     When Hannah was a tiny girl of three, she was enamored by our Music Minister at church, known as Brother Tom. We can only surmise that around Thanksgiving time, she overheard someone referring to the turkey as a young tom turkey.
the fam. hannah, small one on left
     She asked if we were cooking Brother Tom, a pensive expression crossing her little face. We chuckled at the name and thus a tradition began. So, Brother Tom, as he is affectionately called each year will wait patiently, thawing over the next three days.
There is SO much to be done. We'll talk more turkey tomorrow;)

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