soulmates and other drugs...

     Next week, my good friend, The Housewife will be visiting my humble abode. I can barely contain my excitement. Most people who know us can't say the same. 
     We have more fun than a barrel of monkeys, providing said monkeys love strong coffee, dusty bookshops and hilarity that borders on the insane. For some reason our jovial demeanor annoys others.
     Last year, I feared being tossed out of a quaint downtown bookstore. Friendly competition in book buying, a game of Marco Polo when one of us was lost and a little whining about the lack of fire in the fireplace might have put a less stalwart bookseller off... but not this one. He attempted to ignore our un-library-like manners, quietly sorting books, only rolling his eyes once. Or twice.
     We long ago discovered our kindred spirit while living in a suburb of Memphis. She's still there and I'm in exile here in Coastal Georgia. We take to the highways and sky-ways for a reunion whenever possible.
     In honor of her impending arrival, I am posting a few of the one liners that cause us to roar with laughter. They are historically ours, so most of you will be bored to tears. 
     In the great Blogosphere, this is a big no-no, a real faux pas... posting something no one else understands. You'll just have to bear with me. I'll be back to normal programming soon. I promise;)


I fail to see the humor in this

Susan and Michelle found Jesus at the Bi-Lo

Teensy farted

I can't believe you made me eat a whole bowl of MOLD!

It says, "BI" hahahahaha

click on it, retard

I'm fightin' a cold

Alot of men would pay alot of money for this!

be strong and hide often

BOBS... bitter old broads

Am I the only person who thinks that it is a little strange that there are dead people on Facebook?

My name is Doctor Pooty Pootwell!

The worst thing my wife ever made was this awful Tomato Pie...(HEY, that's MY recipe!)

I can't believe she went dressed like that... and she didn't even know them! (my mom, after hearing of our fated first meeting)

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