these are a few of my favorite things...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... Just kidding:)
     At the stroke of midnight between October 31st and November 1st, a change comes over me mentally and emotionally. I'm not sure if it is in part due to November being my birth-month... or because I love the Fall weather so much. Maybe it's all of the colors... I'm partial to vibrant yellow, orange and red.
     While many people seem to revel in the gory Halloween festivities, I thrive on the true autumn season of nature and of thankfulness. Gone is the abundance of fake blood, snaggle-toothed jack-o-lanterns and artificial cobwebs. The real fall can finally begin... the one that God dreamed up. And He is the most amazing artist!
     It occurs to me that even those who forego an attitude of grateful living for the other eleven months fully embrace it about now. I'm okay with that.
     November is for expressing a love for acorns, pinecones and falling leaves. A time for sweaters and boots. A season of apples, fireplaces and piping hot drinks designed to keep our fingers warm. The month when we gather with family and friends to count our many blessings.
     My house is anxiously hanging on every line of the thermometer's slow downward slide... Ready to wrap its inhabitants in a cozy, inviting hug. The fireplace impatiently perches on its tile edge, ready to cast a warm, fire-y glow.
     A wild bittersweet wreath hangs near the front door beckoning visitors to enter. The miniature pine trees and acorns have been unwrapped and displayed. Furry throws and velvet pillows have replaced their linen and cotton counterparts.
     Even the menus are changing. Instead of sugarplums (or salads,) visions of soups and stews dance in my head. Cinnamon and nutmeg scent the air. A bowl of crisp apples sits on the kitchen island.
     This time of year, marshmallows and cocoa are always on hand and the coffeepot stands at attention... ready to brew at a moment's notice.
the housewife's tortellini soup
     Is this a familiar scene at your house? I'll bet many of you can relate similar feelings.
simply delicious scones
I'm so excited! I feel like baking something... Happy Fall, ya'll!

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