food maven's blustery day

     A week ago, we were sweating. Yesterday was balmy. Last night it rained. Then this afternoon, as I exited the local Sam's Club with my shopping cart a mighty change came over Mother Nature. Instantly and without warning.
     First, a few sprinkles. Next raindrops fell in earnest. And finally... the wind. I grabbed my umbrella and popped it open. It immediately turned wrong-side out.
     The gusting wind attempted to steal my cart while I was distracted with the umbrella. A buggy racing willy-nilly through the parking lot, dodging light poles and aiming for car doors. That can't be a good thing.
     I am reminded of the trials of Pooh and Piglet on a similar day when the east wind switched places with the west wind. Suddenly, I'm wishing for a slicker and some galoshes. Brrr...
Happy Winds-day, everybody;)

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