cranberry-honey mustard

     I recently posted a recipe for turkey burgers and mentioned putting cranberry-honey mustard on it. My brother, Scott, the only member of my family keeping up with my blog, called to point out that I failed to mention a recipe for the sauce. Everyone's a critic;)
     I DID mention it a long time ago, (April, 2011,) in a post entitled, Little Turkey Sammies. He obviously hasn't been reading very long.
     I make it two different ways. The long version is with a bottle of mustard, either dijon, plain or spicy brown, some raw honey and a can of cranberry sauce. The easy way is to use an already-mixed bottle of honey mustard. You can make it either way...
1 bottle honey mustard
1 can whole berry cranberry sauce
freshly ground black pepper
Stir two items together. Taste to see if a little plain or spicy brown mustard is needed. Add a little cracked black pepper if desired.
     This sauce is great on turkey or ham sandwiches, as a meatloaf topping or thinned with a bit of canola oil and some sweet, fruity vinegar as a salad dressing. I keep it on hand in my refrigerator... The kids love it!


  1. Perhaps your family is afraid to learn the wonderful secrets of you cooking, they may fear knowledge will keep you from feeding them! LOL
    Your extended family hangs on your very post and we take notes! I hope your feeling better Susan, and thanks for sharing your special recipes.