valentines day is for... eating

     One of my favorite lines from the movie, Julie and Julia is when during a Valentine's dinner party, Paul Child says, "Julia, you are the butter to my bread, you are the breath to my life. I love you, Darling Girl. Happy Valentine's." 
     I'm planning a quiet little dinner right now for my own Valentine. We're saving our celebrating for the weekend, but the day has to be recognized somehow... and as you can surmise, food is an obvious choice for me.
     Our local grocer has lobsters on sale and will steam them for you... no muss, no fuss! What could be simpler?
     I bought some Meyer lemons the other day, so I'm making Meyer Lemon Pasta as well, from a recipe I found on The Church Cook's blog. Here is the link. I think I'll omit the sundried tomatoes. I'm not a fan.
     I will, however chop a few fresh ones to sprinkle over the finished dish before serving. I have some lovely lemon thyme in my garden... I'm including it as well. Yum!
Happy Valentines Day, my daahhlings :)

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