let's review: the distillery

      We went to The Distillery on Liberty Street with a bunch of friends. It was the first time I had eaten there. The atmosphere is quaintly vintage with silent movies playing on a screen mounted on the bar back.
     An old moonshine sign hung on the wall. Dark wooden tables and chairs fill the interior space. Patrons chat quietly. An occasional burst of raucous laughter punctuates the air.
     My friends and I settle into a long table, booth on one side, chairs on the other. The menu is simple, well thought out and interestingly humorous. Our server was knowledgeable about the vast number of beers offered.
     After starting off with warm, crispy chips and a side of freshly made salsa, every single one of us chose a burger... each a different style.
     Hmmm, I wonder if a person's burger choice hints at a hidden personality trait. Uh-oh. I ordered the Bootlegger... what could that mean?
     It was topped with caramelized onions, crispy thick-cut bacon, tomatoes and creamy goat cheese ;) I think it means my mouth will soon be very, very happy.
      One thing I really appreciated was a choice between a three-quarter pound burger or a one-quarter pound burger with the same toppings. I'm no Adam Richman. One quarter pound is more than enough for me!
The Bootlegger
     The Sweet Potato Fries are served with a Creole Remoulade. They disappeared from the plate very quickly!
     I loved the Stout Fries, but wasn't crazy about the Ale-cheese sauce... it was a bit too Cheez-Whizzy for me. Ironically, that's precisely what the boys loved about it.
     My ladyfriend who ordered the black bean burger thought it had a little too much black pepper for her liking. (Just between us, I enjoy a burger that bites back.)
     It had a really good blend of flavors and held together well. It could stand up to any other burger on the menu. I may have to order that one next time!
The Bourbon Burger
      The soon-to-be-married lovebirds in our group ordered Deep-fried Moon Pies a la Mode for the table and insisted we give them a try. It was their main reason for bringing us here.
     My mouth was still happy from the goat cheese, bacon and onion flavors, but who can say no to such cuteness? (The couple, not the Moon Pie.)
     Anyway, it was crunchy on the outside, warm, sticky and gooey on the inside... everything you'd want your deep-fried dessert to be. The vanilla bean ice cream cooled the piping hot pie and cut the sweet factor a tiny bit.
     All of the sugar lovers at our table were in heaven. Tamara described it as  "a carnival in your mouth... cotton candy, funnel cakes and clowns." You have to try it at least once.
     What a fun evening with friends at a lovely place. Next visit, I'm claiming an iron table with a red umbrella... look for me right out front.
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