market day

      Richmond Hill Farmers' Market has resumed. Yay! I've really missed attending since it closed out 2011 in October.
     The inaugural day was not too hot, but buggy as usual for Coastal Georgia in the spring. A brief rain shower hit just as the market opened.
     I arrived around quarter to six, not realizing that the hours had been bumped up, now operating from 3 to 7 pm every Tuesday.
     Richmond Hill is a tiny, little town so you'll most likely run in to all manner of friends. The market is really a social event around here.
     I chatted with a few people and met some new friends. I tasted lots of samples and hugged a few sweaty necks.
      The folks at Freeman's Mill were on hand with two kinds of stone-ground grits. After tasting both white and yellow, I chose a bag of yellow grits. The velvety, smooth flavor made me wonder why I didn't already have some at home.
     Mr. Deen of Savannah River Farms entertained me with a humorous story about his visit to a restaurant he supplies in Savannah. I picked up a pound bacon and some bacon pieces.
     A few booths down, I spotted some sugar snap peas... they were so sweet I snacked as I shopped, nearly finished them while shopping. I can't wait to steam them and gobble the rest up!
     I met a young lady named Alyssa from South Carolina. Her farm fresh, free range eggs, salad mix and carrots made their way into my market bag. She even had little balls of homemade farmer cheese. I washed the lettuce upon returning home and made a very fresh salad for dinner.
     Claudine's Creperie is a new face in the crowd. The cute, little orange trailer is just big enough to stock a good selection of ingredients for sweet and savory crepes. I watched as my savory crepe with creamy brie cheese, sweet strawberry jam and chopped nuts was being created.
beautiful eggs
fresh pastas and sauces
glennville strawberry sweetness
mallards on parade;)

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