grilled corn on the cob

     Here's a quick tutorial for grilled corn on the cob... but I've gotta a hurry, so read fast! Dinner is being prepared on the grill....the whole dinner. Except for the dessert.
      I really LOVE summer! No hot oven or dirty pans tonight! I'm fixing grilled salmon drizzled with a thick, teriyaki-sweet chili glaze, sprinkled with fresh cilantro, corn on the cob and grilled zucchini with onions. I bought the locally grown veggies at a farm stand and the wild-caught salmon came from the town fish market.
     I just adore corn on the cob. I could eat my weight in corn on the cob, but refrain because my mother's voice rings in my head. "Corn is used to fatten the hogs." Yup, that's the voice... You've heard a similar one in your head? Mmhmm.
So, here's the how-to:
An easy way to speed up cooking your corn on the cob and make it easier to shuck, is to place an un-shucked ear in the microwave and cook it for one to one and a half minutes, depending on the size. Allow to cool for a minute, so you can handle it, then slide the husk and silks right off.
Next, cut small pieces of aluminum foil, just large enough to securely wrap each ear. Smear a thin stripe of softened butter down the center of each length of foil, then generously sprinkle the butter stripe with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Toss a few cilantro leaves on top of the buttery mixture and lay an ear of corn on each. Roll up tightly.
Place corn on grill over low heat. If using charcoal, you can push the coals to one side and place the corn over the opposite side, creating an indirect heat source. When corn has been on grill for around 20 minutes, pull one off and check to see if it is beginning to char. If so, remove. Otherwise leave it a few minutes longer.
     I sometimes mix up a little more of the soft butter, spice and herb combination to serve along side. You can easily serve corn with anything! And the best part of grilling? No pots to wash... just toss the foil in the recycle bin! Oops, gotta run. The grill is ready... Bon Apetit!


  1. Perfect! Looks scrumptious, Susan! See you next week!

    1. Thanks, Kay:) I can't wait to see everyone!