happy 100th birthday, julia

     Today, foodie friends, would have been cooking icon Julia Child's 100th birthday! Although we never met, I like to think we would have gotten along famously.
     I love everything Julia stood for. She was a woman pioneering her way through a man's kitchen. She was fearless. (Did you ever see her wielding an enormous cleaver or swinging a meat mallet high overhead?) FEARLESS I say!
     In addition to making a mean bouillabaisse and effortlessly entertaining friends, she tackled the huge task of translating a French cookbook into English.
     It took years of writing, testing and rewriting. She was rejected more than once by American publishers, but bravely pressed on.
     And where would we be today without her contribution to food television? No Food Network. No celebrity chefs. No fun.
     Julia squashed stuffy, snooty attitudes and helped each of us to believe in possibilities... the possibility that we too could have a chef's hand and a critic's palate.
     She taught us to laugh at ourselves when we fail, but to always try again. The best ingredients and impeccable technique should be revered, but taking one's self too seriously, foolishness.
     She modeled a belief of never losing your passion for good taste...no matter your age, your location or your circumstance.
Happy birthday, dear girl... Je vous adore.

"... thinking back on it now reminds that the pleasures of the table, and of life, are infinite – toujours bon app├ętit!" -Julia, My Life in France

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