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     The weather here in coastal Georgia is just right. A little chill in the air puts me in the mood to cook. All is quiet in the house. The girls are working and the hubs is watching football upstairs in the man room. I have a pot of cream peas simmering with a huge ham bone. Brown rice and a little salad will make a fine supper for the two of us in a few hours.
     It's a mere five days before my favorite holiday and I'm mulling over the menu. I have a crackling fire, pumpkin spice candles and a mug of Magic Cocoa to inspire me... what else could anyone want?
     A while back, I posted a link to my friend, Michelle's recipe for her famous Magic Cocoa. I provided a link to her blog, 99% Beauty. Just in case you missed it the first time, here are simple instructions for a little magic of your own.
Ingredients for one cup. Can be multiplied to share.
1 c. milk
1 T. good quality cocoa
2 T. sugar
a pinch of salt
real vanilla extract
Place milk in a deep saucepan. Whisk all other ingredients except vanilla into the milk. Heat until piping hot, whisking occasionally. Top with your choice of toppings... marshmallows, ice cream or our fave, Bourbon Whipped Cream. It's Madame M's secret to the magic.
one pint whipping cream
2 T. powdered sugar
a splash of Jack Daniels
a little vanilla
Beat whipping cream on high until almost firm. Add remaining ingredients. Beat until stiff peaks form. Dollop onto everything! ;)

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