pinterest is a LIAR...

     My daughter, Hannah, an education major working at a local elementary school arrived at home, arms laden with baking supplies and a photo from the ever-popular photo-sharing site, Pinterest.
the inspiration
     She had plans to bake a Thanksgiving treat for the kiddies for her last day of classroom observation. Pinterest provided the crafty inspiration. An adorable tepee fashioned from a sugar cone, filled with cake. Sounds simple, right?
unhappy baker
     About halfway into the preparation she loudly exclaimed, "Pinterest is a LIAR!!"  Like any good mother would, I grabbed my camera before rushing to checking out the horrifying scene...
     Every counter was covered in something. Pie pans desperately trying to hold up batter-filled sugar cones. Cake batter dotting the counter, dripping down the cabinet, even splattered on the dog. The inside of the oven was reminiscent of a recently bombed war zone.
     Good lord, I hope she plans to clean this crazy mess up. At least the dogs are attempting to help, in their own lick-everything-clean sort of way.
     The lovely photos and abbreviated information on Pinterest made the project look easy. I'm here simply to dispel the myth... nothing but the messy, honest truth is good enough for you, Dear Reader.
  They eventually turned out to be very cute and the kids loved them.
    A sad footnote to the entire event: Around 26 sugar cones sacrificed their tips for this project. I tried to help out by eating all of them, but couldn't do it. The sugar was too much. (Of course, if it had been a bag of chips I would have persevered.)
     So next time you're pinning, just remember the illustrations in this cautionary tale. They're the rest of the story... Happy Thanksgiving!

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