let's review: kayak kafe'

     Kayak Kafe', located at One East Broughton Street is an eclectic little place. Their mantra is fresh, local and organic food, cooked to order, keeping the flavors sharp and the colors crisp. They serve locally wild-caught Georgia shrimp.
Southwestern Wild Shrimp tacos
     Their commitment to the environment even stretches to their paper products... Here's a note from their website:  We use only biodegradable TFPP food containers & compostable PLA drink cups & we recycle all glass, plastic and cardboard.
     The salads they offer are imaginative, their tacos some of the best in town. Uniquely paired ingredients lend an eclectic flair that is easy to become addicted to.
     I've visited a few times, once for a late, after-theatre dinner date with my husband and most recently, lunching with the girls. You can never go wrong ordering their famous Roasted Tilapia or Lime-Chicken tacos. 
     This past time, I decided to try something new... Southwestern Wild Shrimp tacos. Seared local shrimp in a spicy adobo with sliced avocado, cilantro cream, Latin slaw and fresh pico de gallo. I may have a new fave!
     One of my friends ordered the Tomato-basil Bisque and Shrimp Quesadillas. They were loaded with wild shrimp, black beans, sliced avocado and melted pepper-jack cheese. Oh, my!
     Our other lovely but ravenous companion ordered the Greek Chicken panini. She wolfed it down so fast, I didn't get a good shot of it for you... It is SO difficult to train your friends not to start eating until you've photographed all of the food on the table! Gee whiz...
     Judging by the clean plate, I'd say she liked it. You'll have to order it for yourself. I really don't know why I don't eat here every other day!
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tuck. pin. done: no-sew loveseat slipcover in 30

     I have a sweet little loveseat that sits in front of the dining room window. This warm, sunny corner is everyone's favorite spot. Unfortunately, the dogs are included in that group. Our furry girls believe this loveseat to be their lookout post. A place to watch over our house, to protect their territory... the sentries' headquarters.
 Consequently, the loveseat is stained and soiled. It stinks. I cannot stand it one. more. day.
     I will boldly admit that I am NO seamstress. I can make a rather nice duvet cover using two flat sheets or make simple drapes out of a tablecloth, but those are straight lines. No pattern. No real sewing.
     I decided to make a no-sew slipcover out of a couple of large, canvas drop-cloths purchased for another project. Yep... that's right. They are the very same ones you buy at Home Depot to cover your furniture in a different way.
     My family was skeptical. They've forgotten who they're living with... my super-power is saving money while making our home look FAB!
     The loveseat is a tight-backed, split, square-cushioned piece with rolled arms. I wanted it to look like the cushions were separately covered without cutting the canvas again. This way, the fabric can be removed, thrown in the wash and put back on. The entire thing is three pieces. After vacuuming and spot cleaning the existing cover, I jumped right in...

Here's how to have a brand new loveseat before supper:
     The drop-cloths I purchased have a seam in the center and are 9 ft. x 12 ft., 8 oz. weight. The label states that they're heavy-duty, washable and reusable.
     Begin by cutting one large cloth in half length-wise along the seam. Take half of the cut cloth and reserve for another project. Cut the remaining piece in half again, horizontally. This will be the two side and arm pieces.
    For the time being, I used large-headed straight pins... the ones that look like they have a large pearl on the end. If you're using these, be careful not to point pin upward. I tried to keep them from being visible. Corkscrew-type upholstery tacks would have more staying power. (I'll pick some up later.)
     Remove seat cushions. Begin with the outside arm first. Wrap the outside arm, making sure the bottom is straight. After pinning the underside bottom, smooth the fabric upward and pin under outside arm to secure.
     Lay fabric over the top of arm, making sure to pull it tight. Tuck into inside arm, between arm and seat, by the springs. Don't be afraid of shoving it down beside the springs. Keep it taut and tucked deep so it won't come out. This is the key to success! For arm front, I made a fan-like pattern, pinning and folding around the shape of the arm.
     After tightly wrapping and pinning the sides, I replaced the seat cushions and draped the second, uncut drop cloth over the center. I began by lining up the top of the cloth to the bottom back of the loveseat. In my house, the back won't be seen, but I wanted it to look neat. Pin the bottom back in a couple of key spot to keep it from sliding, then move to the seat back and cushions.
     The seam of the drop-cloth served as a center line for pushing down deep in between the back and seat cushions. That gave it a more fitted look. This will also prevent it from coming off. Tightly tuck fabric around each side of seat cushions and between back cushions. Lastly, spread it in far under the front of seat cushion, smoothing out and tucking into springs.
     The original did not have a skirt, but I had a bit of folded fabric remaining. Not wanting to cut it off, I took a little creative license with the design. The whole thing was finished in approximately thirty minutes. 
Tuck. Pin. Done... It's beautiful and clean. Sigh.