goodbye, little food maven

     I've made a big decision. It is confusing. And silly. And a bit sad... But, it's 2013. I've decided to stop putting off the inevitable and move on.
     Several years ago, a dear friend began to call me a food maven, albeit humorous that I am an expert of anything. When I decided to blog about my adventures in cooking, she suggested using the title of The Food Maven.
     Being a novice out in the blogosphere, I never even considered the possibility that anyone else owned or used the same name. I stumbled upon another Food Maven by accident around a year into it... while trying to buy the domain. Uh-oh.
Arthur Schwartz, a.k.a The (real) Food Maven
     Feeling like a fraud, I naturally wrote a sassy little post about my discovery, but proudly pressed on. You know... he's in New York. I'm in the coastal south. When would our paths ever cross? Right?
     A few months ago, a gentleman contacted me on the FM Facebook page, calling me a fellow Brooklyn boy and asking if I knew what happened to Mrs. Maxwell's or Nesselrode pies from the 50's. First of all, that's before my time. Secondly, I'm a girl... okay?
     Between struggling to find time to post, wanting to expand my blogging horizons and attempting to learn new things, I've found that sharing a name with someone else is a pain in the neck... among other locations.
     I'm begrudgingly letting go of the title of Food Maven and bravely promoting the original tagline (documenting edible creativity) to the grand status of new blog title. woo. hoo.
     While designing a new header, I surprised even myself upon the discovery that the middle of the word, creativity is EAT... I'm so excited!
     So, don't worry. Be happy. And please, don't get lost. I'm still me... a foodie. A lover of most things edible. (From the very post, I acknowledged that I won't EVER be a fan of liver.) Someone who never tires of cooking, writing, photographing and reading about food. Just a person who simply loves to feed people.
     I'm a little sad to let the Maven go. She's been my alter ego for a while, now... I've gotten accustomed to the name... and it's such a nice name. Sniff, sniff.
     Thanks for reading my little blog... I really like writing it. Invite your friends and neighbors to drop by... You never know what'll be cooking!