let's review: skull creek boathouse, hilton head

     We recently dined at Skull Creek Boathouse in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Located waterfront on Skull Creek, this place has inside and outside dining. We visited the Boathouse once before, last year... I just haven't mentioned it to you before.
     Skull Creek Boathouse is very popular and doesn't take reservations... another words, don't plan to pop in & out. Come for the long haul. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view.
     They also serve lunch and have an early bird seating for dinner. On the weekend stop by for brunch between 10am and 3pm.
     There were eight in our party, including a one year old who was out past her expiration date. To say the least, we were going to be a challenge. The 40 minute wait wasn't going to improve our chances, either...  but we'll wait. It will be worth it.
     We began the night with two orders of Buffalo Chicken Dip. This three-cheese dip has is full of roasted chicken. It packs a bit of a kick compliments of Crystal Hot Sauce and is served with tortilla chips. As you can see from the photo, it was good. Really, really good... both orders were gone before I could even get a shot... Some people are so difficult to train.
Here's the lowdown on the rest of our dinner:
     Big Kahuna Tuna sandwich lived up to it's name... it was BIG and delicious. Served with either seasoned fries or sweet potato fries, this sandwich will fill you up!
     Special of the night, Grilled Wahoo came topped with Peach bourbon chutney and served with Savannah red rice and green beans. This was a nicely flavored piece of fish, but WAY overdone. We were not impressed. But, it was the only thing we didn't love. If it wasn't so late & we weren't legion in number, we would have requested a do-over.
     My nephew's choice, Shrimp and Grits was a winner. I'm never a fan of the sausage over-powering the shrimp... that's just wrong. The Boathouse came shining through. Served in a large bowl, we agreed that this delightful version would be the perfect dish to order on a blustery night at sea... warm, comforting and just the right amount of smokiness.
hawaiian poki
     I ordered two appetizers as my entree... the Hawaiian Poki Tuna and Asian-style Salmon ceviche from the Dive Bar. The Poki was amazing... I could have eaten a couple more. Poki consists of tiny pieces of cubed sashimi grade Tuna, soy, green onion,ginger, chiles, sesame oil, chopped romaine, and toasted macadamia nuts. The flavors work well together... my mouth was extremely happy!
salmon ceviche
     The ceviche is a large portion. You pick which style to combine. Tropical, Latin, Asian and Thai are the four types. You also choose the seafood you want. I settled on salmon in an Asian style... big mistake (mine.)
     The Asian inspired sauce seemed a bit oily and salmon is an oily fish. It tasted fishy, like cooked salmon sometimes does. Raw salmon imparts a sweet flavor, which was not present. My brother-in-law chose tropical Conch. He made a wise move... the conch was tender and the tropical style was a perfect combination of flavors. Fabulous, Daahhling!
conch ceviche
tuna 3ways
     My daughter ordered the Tuna 3 ways: A tasting of hawaiian poki, far east carpaccio, spicy tuna tartare. The tuna tartare was OMG, I can't breathe spicy! We all really loved this dish, but I'd have to say that the Hawaiian Poki is by far the best!
Beautiful setting. Good service. We'll visit again... You should too!
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