simple grilled chicken caesar salad

     I made Gail's grilled chicken Caesar for dinner. It is simple and healthy and really yummy. This salad uses chicken tenders, but I didn't have any, so I cut some boneless, skinless chicken breasts into strips before seasoning and grilling. This meal can be prepared with a minimum of muss and fuss. Thanks goodness!
     The first time I had these, I would have bet the farm that Gail marinated those strips for hours. They were so tender and juicy... not dry and dusty like chicken tenders sometimes like to be.
     She simply brushed them with a dab of olive oil, so they wouldn't stick to the grill, and seasoned them nicely with Lawry's seasoned salt and lots of black pepper. You know how we loves our pepper! I added a few thyme leaves into the mix... just for fun.
     Let the chicken strips hang around in the fridge for about thirty minutes after seasoning, just so the chicken and spices can get better acquainted. While the grill is heating up, allow the meat to come to room temp. Now, time to dress up the green stuff.
     Tear up the romaine by hand. Please don't abuse the lettuce by attacking it with a knife. What did romaine ever do to you? Sprinkle a little grated Romano cheese and again, lots of black pepper onto the lettuce, then toss it about the bowl.
     Run check on the tenders... When they stop sticking to the grill and come up easily, you can turn them. It's called caramelizing, class. (Add this word to your glossary of cooking terminology. There may be a quiz later.) A few minutes on the other side, then remove and let the chicken rest on a plate while you finish up the salad.
     I just adore hearts of palm, so I threw them in in lieu of croutons... Good grief, stop your whining. Remember, we're being healthy tonight. Okay? Add a little of your favorite Caesar dressing and some grated or shaved Parmesan cheese to the salad and toss. Place desired amount on a plate or wide, flat bowl. Top with two or three chicken fingers, more pepper, more cheese and serve it up. Whew! Now, wasn't that fun?

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